Access Control system

Access Controllers by piconet covers the complete range of requirements by the corporate world. Piconet provides DAC Controllers for Proximity and Smart Cards, with and without TCP/IP Connections. Every controller has its own advantages and targets specific needs. Clients can choose the type based on their needs. You can choose the standalone or enterprise Solutions. We help the prospective clients by consulting them on the optimum choice. , if needed. Installation Flexibility and versatility of applications is ensured by this range, while also ensuring the best technology and cost-efficiency.

Contactless System

 Widely used in the corporate where employee uses his badge or identity card for entering the office.  Based on the near end technology it is widely used in large office and restricted area.

The system is operational once the person show is ID card and gate automotive open with the help of the magnetic locks.  The solution is very proven ad widely used across all sectors.

Biometric System

 It is widely used to identify and authenticate fingerprints, palm veins and faces; it is supported by high end accuracy, efficiency, operational excellence and cost effectiveness by the piconet.

It can be integrated with Card Reading systems, where   particular biometric system can act as card reader for certain employees, and as biometric reader for others, while acting as a combination for some others. Such unique feature is supported by the piconet and can be implemented as per the customer requirement

Cloud Based Access system

Access control system is installed on the customer compound and hardware is connected with the internet connection. The access data is stored in the central software at the hosting server at the remote end. Various reports can be generated by the server and posted to the customer as per is requirement.
It is very useful for the mult locations branches like banks, warehouse or key strategic areas.

Video Door phones

When the visitor rings the bells the video of the visitor is viewed on the screen and owner can give his consent for the access in the building. It is interactive and widely used in the residence sector. Piconet provides the VDP solution for all type of buildings.

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