Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a reflection of the company’s culture and policies, commitment to values and ethical business conduct. It is timely and accurate disclosure of information regarding performance and, ownership.  We try to follow the best industry practise to nurture the corporate governance.

Directors of the Companies

Vishal Gupta
He is young energetic businessman who is successfully running our parent company the Unique Spartech engineer’s pvt ltd. He is M.Tech  and deign lot of innovative products. He has strong business acumen and his expertise is in operations and execution of complex projects. He has strong business experience of 15 years plus in various domains. 

Vibhore Garg
(B.E and MBA )
He is senior technocrat who has earlier work in companies like Motorola, Nokia Siemens Network, Birla AT&T and Indus Towers in various capacities. He has strong experience of 17 years in various wireless, networking and system design technologies.  He has quit his job to start the entrepreneur journey. He is expert in handling complex multi technologies projects of various sizes.

Vibhas Gupta
(B.E and MBA )
He has strong sales background and work earlier in companies like Pepsi etc. He has immense experience of more than 10 years in sales and successfully running the USE (unique Spartech engineers) company as co founder. He is equipped with multi skill domain expertise in finance, sales and brand positioning experience.

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