Analogue System

CCTV (or closed-circuit television) camera is an analog video camera that transmits signals via coaxial cable to a single central location for monitoring, recording, and video analysis. It offers a cost-effective solution to many common surveillance scenarios. CCTV technology has been around since the 1940's, and became a major player in the security industry around 1970. This technology has conventional cameras of various

They are differentiated based on TVL lines as 420,480,580,700 TVL lines. More the TVL lines better is the resolution of the images.

Network/IP cameras

IP-based video surveillance has improved the effectiveness of video security by leaps and bounds over the analog CCTV equipment Today's IP video surveillance solutions use an IP network, rather than complicated cabling setups, as the backbone for delivering information. This allows for flexible, cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, and a host of other benefits. They are defined on megapixels. Higher the megapixel better is the resolutions. Networking can be done based on media

Depending upon the distance the cable type is selected. We can implement lot of video analytic features on the IP cameras. It helps to control storage and VMS hardware requirement based on the configuration. Person should have sound knowledge of IP technology to configure these cameras.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless camera use 2.4 GHz and get integrated remotely via access points, router and can be viewed directly on the smart phone. Access point should be near to the camera so it receives the best video output from the cameras. The access points are connected to the router and subsequently to the NVR or to the computer directly. The advantage of the wireless cameras is that it can be mobilized depending upon the requirement. It is food for the indoor and outdoor application where the cabling laying is not possible.

Cloud Based GSM special cameras

This is unique concept where customer do not spend on

The camera is installed and customer can view the camera directly on the cloud (hosted server) as what he is viewing his bank account on the internet. He will be provided with login id and password for viewing the cameras video.

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